10 Tips To Hire the Right Candidate in the Right Amount of Time

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by Phil Garber, Co-founder, LineHire


We all know that it is all about right people. Proper management with proper execution. The best ideas and amazing innovations go nowhere if not executed correctly. So… how do you ensure that the team you are building is right? How do you make sure that you’re not making a hiring mistake?

Make sure that you are searching for what is best for you and your company

There is no such thing as THE BEST candidate. There are candidates who are right for the job and those who are not. So to make sure you are hiring the best candidate for that job, you should have full clarity on that job and the results that job should deliver. The candidates should not be the best; they should be right.

Make sure that such candidates exist and if they do, that you actually can hire them

We’ve all been there, looking for that candidate that doesn’t exist. The so-called “five legged sheep” or “purple squirrel.” The software developer with 8 years experience, who speaks French and Mandarin, and is happy at $60k salary. Don’t fantasize with regards to candidate’s experience and salary requirements, but benchmark your search against actual living and breathing candidates in your region. It sounds pretty obvious, but this is amazingly common mistake hiring managers make.

Simplify the process and don’t create more hoops for the sake of hoops

Large corporations are tough to hire for. Multiple interviews and mandatory team consensus over a final candidate make the candidate journey extremely long and exhausting for all parties. Cut corners when it makes sense, avoid redundancy, and speed up the process as much as it is possible. Strong candidates are not available forever. This becomes crucial if you are after a particular talent on a competitive market. A few large companies I know use a special procedure for this type of hire, best described as “offer the same day”. When your competitive edge depends on a certain hire this procedure is critical to implement.

Give feedback and give it quickly

Always return to the interviewed candidates and recruiters. This creates a market reputation and is a huge part of employer branding.

Make your job descriptions stand out

Job descriptions are a marketing tool and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If crafted carefully with your company values and target audience in mind, an engaging job description will likely to attract the candidates that fit your company better.  Well written, crispy clear, modern looking job description is a killer recruiting tool and is worth investing in.

Don’t be arrogant

Hiring the right people is not just about choosing and letting the candidates sell themselves to you. It is also about you selling them your company and an opportunity. Don’t sit back expecting talent to line up by your door. Those worth hiring rarely do.

Respect candidates’ time

Hiring people is a business deal, where candidates sell you their time and expertise and you agree to pay a certain amount of money for it. It applies to interviewing process as well. Don’t extend interview times, be on time, etc

Know your market and see a bigger picture

You should be fully aware of what is being paid for this type of job in your geography. You should be able to quickly collect references and understand if the story your candidate is telling you is actually true. Do your homework!

Between attitude and aptitude, attitude and soft skills win

Soft skills don’t change much through our life, hard skills do. It is easier (and less costly) to make someone with right attitude to obtain a new hard skill versus someone with the ideal experience but a difficult persona can damage your team for good. Be careful with that.

Trust yourself

If something doesn’t feel right, although all is OK on paper, then it probably isn’t. Listen carefully to candidates, but don’t forget to listen to yourself. Not everything about people is quantifiable.

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