4 Tips to Hire Great Physician Assistants

Physician Assistants are crucial to the running of a hospital.  They keep the physician free of busy work and are critical to quality of patient care.  However, recruiting the right physician assistant can be time consuming and expensive.

Participate as a Rotation Site for a Local PA Program

This is one of the best ways to screen potential physician assistant candidates.  You can screen and evaluate individuals in a real clinical setting for minimal costs.  It may be time consuming to supervise and train students, but putting in this work while they are students saves time later if you end up hiring them.

Utilize Word of Mouth

Finding experienced physician assistants is just as hard as finding quality, newly graduated ones, but one way to do so is through a PA colleague in the community.  Utilizing your network and finding candidates through people you trust can provide a dependable source of potential PAs.

Contact your State’s PA Organization or AAPA

States have organizations that represent the physician assistants and can be a good place to recruit or advertise an opening.  The American Academy of Physician Assistants is another good place to consider finding PAs, as well as information on regulation, jurisdiction, and licensing.

Contact Local PA Programs

Besides just participating as a site for training, keeping in contact with your state’s local physician assistant program can be another great source for candidates.  Most programs help their graduates secure placements, so building a relationship can provide a consistent pipeline of qualified candidates.


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