5 Game-changing HR Tech Trends


The line between our personal and professional lives is becoming more and more blurred with the onset of technology and social media.  New HR technology is blending the lines even more, integrating our work with our personal lives.  Here are 5 game-changing HR trends that are coming in the next year.

1. Communication Tools

While social media has given companies a platform to speak their mind to a large audience of their followers, this isn’t necessarily the best way for recruiting and human resources.  What HR needs is individual, one on one messaging.  Communication tools like WhatsApp, Slack, twillo, and Flock are all making it easier to communicate with your co-workers and your clients.

2. Bots

Bots are making tedious tasks easier, and the software behind these bots is only getting smarter.  For example, Slackbot provides a friendly interface to ask questions.  Apple just announced Siri would be integrating across its other devices.  These bots will help increase productivity and

3. Machine Learning, NLP, and AI

Machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence are similar to bots but much more complex.  Rather than giving a computer a set of rigid instructions, these systems allow for the computer to learn and adapt overtime.  An example of this would be Google’s AI program AlphaGo, which beat a Korean grandmaster in the extremely complex ancient Chinese game of Go.  These computers are much more powerful than Siri and the potential impact they have on our lives is immense.

4. More Part-Time/Freelance Work

Companies like Uber and Lyft have provided people with sources of revenue based more on when they want to work rather than a rigid schedule.  Freelance work is becoming more and more viable with so many platforms on the Internet making it easier to find skilled workers, whether you need coding, blogging, or marketing skills.  There will definitely be more platforms and technologies that utilize people working these types of “gig” jobs.

5. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is poised to be the next big thing.  While the video game industry has been one of the early adopters, VR has the potential to change the landscape in other industries as well.  How can this apply to HR?  Well, imagine visiting a virtual office instead of taking off work to fly across the country to see your potential building.  The possibilities with virtual reality are endless.

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