5 Killer Recruiting Strategies

killer recruiting strategy

At LineHire, we pride ourselves on helping our clients fill their jobs faster by providing qualified, pre-screened candidates.  Sourcing is just one piece of the recruiting puzzle, and for larger companies there are multiple layers to a strong recruiting strategy.  Here are 5 killer recruiting strategies that are sure to fill your job openings faster.

Recruiting Strategy 1. Set Your Goals

Before you move forward, you must know where you stand.  Make sure your company is prepared to go through the job search process and make sure you know what type of qualities you want in the perfect candidate.  Without a specific goal in mind, hiring a new employee is pointless and a waste of time and resources.  If you have a goal in mind to achieve, you can narrow down potential candidates and be more successful in the long run.

Recruiting Strategy 2. Write Creative Job Ads

Recruitment marketing is critical to a good recruiting strategy.  To attract the best talent you want your job ads to stand out.  There are several facets to this.  First, you have to know what type of person you are targeting, because this will determine what kind of job ad will be more appealing and where to put said job ad.  Be human in your writing and be sure to include all relevant details without being too wordy.  Make sure any potential candidate will know what they are getting in to and what your company is about.

Recruiting Strategy 3. Optimize for Mobile

This is an often overlooked detail for many recruiting strategies but is extremely valuable in today’s mobile-driven world.  Imagine an potential employee seeing your job ad or trying to fill out an application while on mobile and being unable to load a page or see all the details on their screen.  With the majority of web traffic coming on mobile, that’s a large group of potential candidates who don’t end up applying to your job ads.

Recruiting Strategy 4. Train your Hiring Managers

Training a good hiring manager goes a long way in the recruiting process.  The hiring manager is the one who works with recruiters and is in charge of reviewing candidates.  It is crucial that this person has great communication skills to deal with the flow of potential candidates, especially in today’s fast-paced job market.  Furthermore, you want a hiring manager with a deep understanding of your business, your culture, and the industry as a whole, as this knowledge helps make the best hire.

Recruiting Strategy 5. Simplify the Application Process

The biggest obstacle between a potential hire becoming an actual hire is the application process.  Make it easy and simple for a potential candidate to fill out his or her information and apply is critical for receiving more candidate flow.  There really is no reason to have a complex application process because you can do most of the vetting through the interview process.

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