5 Tips to Create Compelling Ad Copy

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Creating good ads is a valuable skill and takes practice to become proficient at.  A strong part of a good ad is compelling ad copy, and that requires a lot of knowledge about what your business does and who your customer is.  With that said, here are some tips on creating compelling ad copy.

1. Know Your Customers’ Objective

No matter what your product or service is, you need to know what problem or need it solves for your customer in order to market to them.  The best ad copy will express that clearly to their customers right away.

2. Use Numbers or Statistics

A lot of ads make bold claims but when you use numbers and data you can catch the attention of your customers and gain some credibility.  However, make sure you can back up any numbers you use and don’t cheapen your product with too low a price either.

3. Trigger Emotion

Triggering emotion is very powerful when creating compelling ad copy.  If done correctly, the emotions you trigger are connected to the customer pain or problem that your product or service solves.

4. Use Unique, Keyword Heavy URLs

Editing your URLs can potentially have a great impact on your marketing efforts.  The URL that displays in your ad doesn’t even have to be the URL that they are sent to when they click through your ad.  That means you can make the display URL more interesting or relevant and add keywords but just send them to your home page or wherever you want them to ultimately make a sale.

5. Focus on the Benefits

Potential customers don’t actually care about you or your business.  They only care about how it will help make their lives easier.  Therefore, your ad copy should do as much promoting of the benefits of your product/service as possible.

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