5 Tips for Hiring Freelance Developers

For newer or smaller businesses, programming and coding might not be possible to do in-house.  Outsourcing technical work is often easier and more efficient than hiring a full-time software developer.  However, it can be hard for non-technical people to find the appropriate freelance developers.  Here are 5 tips to help you out:

  1. Set a Budget and a Timeline

Before even searching for candidates, lay out exact details for the project you want finished, the timeline you want it finished during, and your budget.  Make sure you get quotes from candidates talk to and always go back to your budget to see if it is feasible.

  1. Don’t Mistake a Moonlighter for a Freelancer

You may have a friend or connection who does codes side projects for fun on the weekends.  Unless you have someone you can trust, hiring a moonlighter who can’t commit time to your project is dangerous.  It is best to find a freelancer who will be committed to finishing your job without the time constraints of another full time job.

  1. Don’t Try to Reinvent the Wheel

When starting a new business, remember that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel.  For example, Dropbox started out using Amazon’s Cloud services instead of building their own storage system.  Using already established platforms can be much more efficient, like using WordPress for blogging or Squarespace for web development.  You may not even need to hire a developer to design something for you if a better one already exists.

  1. Don’t Hire a Single-Skill Freelancer

Unless you know you need exactly one skill or talent for a project, a single-skill freelancer is generally a bad idea.  People with one expertise are better off working in teams where they can collaborate.  The reason to hire a freelancer is to hire one person to get a job done, so it’s best to find something with the appropriate skillset to do so.

  1. Insist on Working Collaboratively in Real Time

The best way to prevent a situation where you wait weeks and weeks for your freelancer to finish and eventually end up going over budget and past deadline is to work collaboratively in real time.  This ensures your freelancer stays on deadline and gives your project the right amount of commitment for success.

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