4 Tips to Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

In the last post I discussed the three main types of ads: Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and LinkedIn ads.  Once you decide which of the ads best suits your business, it is important to optimize your ad campaigns.  If done incorrectly, your ads can end up costing a lot of money without a lot of results.  Here are some tips to optimize your PPC campaigns.

1. Analytics

Data analytics are critical for optimizing your ads.  Once you put an ad out, you can get tons of data on what kinds of people are seeing your ad, when they are seeing it, and where they are seeing it.  If you notice trends at certain times of the day or certain seasons, or you notice a strong trend for a certain demographic, you can alter your ads to improve your targeting.

2. Ad Text

The slightest changes in your ad copies can make huge differences.  You want your ads to attract attention by highlighting their specific pain and giving them a reason to click on your ad.  If your ad initially isn’t yielding good results, you can always change your ad text.  A/B testing is very important to understanding what works in your ads, and it is key to continuously tinker with your text to find the best formula.

3. Dedicated Landing Pages

Landing pages are the part of your ads that you have control over, and they can make a huge difference in conversions for your business.  For example, if you are advertising a new product on your Facebook ads, if someone clicks on your ad you want them to go to the specific page where they can buy this product, not just your homepage.  If they end up on your homepage, there is a chance they won’t bother with trying to find the product that caught their attention in the first place.  Having a landing page is key in optimizing your conversion rates.

4. Bidding

Bidding is an important feature when creating these ads.  For Google Adwords, you bid for keywords and space on Google’s pages, meaning if you are targeting a word that is searched very often, it will be more expensive, and if you want to be on the top of the front page rather than the sidebar or second page, it will cost more as well.  On Facebook, you can change your daily spending amount for each ad to make sure you are within your budget.  This also allows you to run pretty cheap test ads if you want to see if your target audience is receptive or a certain text copy.

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