5 Tips for Surviving the Job Hunt as a Nurse Practitioner

There is a huge demand for nurse practitioners, and finding the position that best fits your needs can be difficult.  Here are some tips to get through the recruiting process successfully.

  1. Look for Teamwork

Providing good healthcare requires teamwork, and this is also an important quality of a good workplace atmosphere.  Finding an organization that believes in the importance of teamwork is crucial.  Look at the job description, talk to employees, and try to get a feel for how employees treat each other.  

  1. Look for Understanding

Look for organizations who understand the role of a nurse practitioner in the job description.  What will your role be and what are you referred to as?  Do they care about your education level and your certifications?  Finding a healthcare organization that values their nurse practitioners is very important for workplace atmosphere.

  1. Look for Opportunities to Grow

Find an organization that understands the hard work you put in to go through nursing school and nurse practitioner school.  Look for opportunities for yourself to make an impact on patient care and for opportunities to grow as a nurse practitioner.  Some organizations provide educational opportunities, host seminars, and encourage research.

  1. Look for Respect

Respect can be shown in the job description and throughout each phase of the recruiting process.  Find a healthcare organization that values their nurse practitioners and treats them with respect.

  1. Look for Quality of Patient Care

It is important that your philosophy of care aligns with the healthcare organization that employs you. You can find this through their website and their mission statement, or by asking the interviewer to describe it.  Make sure the organization has the resources necessary for you to provide optimal care, and also encourages it.


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  1. dancome says:

    Hello ~ Awesome article ~ Thank You

  2. Arlen says:

    These are some great tips. Healthcare recruiting is a notoriously difficult industry to work in. Thanks!

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