5 Tips to Improve Recruiting Practices

Technology and online talent platforms have turned recruiting upside down.  There are many new ways to get access to tons of credible candidates around the world.  Although the talent pool has grown exponentially, you still must practice good recruiting practices so be able to find the best fit for your company.  Here are 5 tips to improve your recruiting process.

  1.  Don’t make unreasonable demands

This seems obvious but just because you have so many options for hiring potential candidates, you can’t scare away the best talent by making unreasonable demands.  Be sure you have incentives for the best candidates to choose to work for you.

  1.  Don’t make quick judgements

Social media and online talent platforms give us way more information than we should need to make hiring decisions.  However, don’t focus solely on these areas and don’t forget traditional recruiting practices like interviews and references to get a complete picture of a candidate.

  1. Give people a chance

Even the best employees can lose their jobs or make mistakes, and don’t simply assume someone is unemployed or in a certain position because they are not a good candidate.  Furthermore, just because someone doesn’t have your desired amount of experience or comes from another field, doesn’t mean they can’t learn quickly and won’t be a good fit.

  1. Be open

Don’t pigeonhole yourself by hiring a role based only on a certain set of requirements.  There might never be a perfect candidate, so you have to learn to work with people and understand that they can learn on the job.  A variety of experiences can be also be good and can bring fresh, new energy to your workplace.

  1.  Do background checks

Always check references and do a criminal background check, and check for proof of education.  Making this part of the pre-employment regimen can prevent nasty problems down the line.

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