4 Ways HCM Tools Can Improve HR

New technologies likes human capital management software are critical for human resource departments to keep up with an increasingly digital world, especially for larger companies with lots of employees and high turnover.  A good HCM software streamlines HR processes like recruiting, improves communication, and provides better data for fewer errors.  Here are 4 specific ways HCM tools can improve human resources.

1. Recruiting

Recruiting is critical for companies to attract and retain top talent, and with a growing talent pool it is even more critical that companies are able to find the best potential candidates.  Many HCM software suites come with some kind of applicant tracking system (ATS), which generally do a good job tracking applicant data and keeping information on a large pool of candidates.  However, ATS isn’t necessarily the best tool for companies, and other types of recruiting software may be more relevant for smaller to medium sized companies.

2. Onboarding

Onboarding is the process where a new hire gets up to speed and transitions into his/her new position.  HCM tools can be very helpful with onboarding and helping a new hire integrate into a new job, with videos about company culture and values as well as tutorials and demos for specific processes.  Effective onboarding is very important for retention as well as employee performance.

3. Performance Management

Performance management systems are important to track employees and help them improve.  The more effective performance management tools keep employees happy and engaged and overall improve performance and retention rates.  An example of a good performance management system is a reward system based on employee performance.  Feedback and improvement is also a key part of this process.

4. Manager and Employee Communication

Communication is critical for teams to work together and succeed, and HCM tools provide a lot of great tools to keep everyone on the same page.  Managers can engage with their employees to make sure they are working towards the same goals. Employees also have access to any information they need, like payroll and benefits. HCM really empowers managers and employees to both work together but also be more independent.

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