Be a LineHire Affiliate

 Simply introduce us to companies that are hiring and earn affiliate commissions!

 Here’s how it works

  • When you learn of companies with hiring needs in your network ask if you can introduce them to LineHire’s innovative recruitment product.
  • Then, send them an email message and CC or BCC us at This will attach you to the prospective new client.
  • You will accumulate commissions when they run Campaigns and place candidates

 Commission rates for simple introductions:

  • First Campaign: 25% of the Campaign Fee
  • Additional Campaigns: 10% of the Campaign Fee
  • Placements: 5% of the Placement Fee

 Who makes a good referral?

  • Hiring managers at medium and large companies no matter the industry
  • HR managers and directors at medium and large companies no matter the industry
  • Business leaders that are innovative and early adopters

 Who makes a good LineHire Affiliate?

 How to make a referral:

Email the following info to to refer a potential client:

  • Your name and the email address you use for LineHire:
  • Name of hiring company:
  • Contact’s first & last name:
  • Contact’s phone #:
  • Contact’s email:

 Additional info:

A client (individual or company) when referred to LineHire via email to will be reviewed and you will receive a confirmation email, if approved, typically within 48 hours. You will be eligible for commissions for Campaigns run within one year from the time the client is submitted to LineHire.

 See Affiliate Terms & Conditions for full affiliate agreement.


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