How Artificial Intelligence Enhances HR

Common knowledge might suggest that artificial intelligence would hinder a human resources department.  How can a robot know if a potential candidate is personable or a good cultural fit?  Can we trust a computer to make such critical decisions?  The reality is artificial intelligence isn’t meant to replace the function of HR, it is merely to enhance HR’s capabilities.  Computers aren’t great at assessing a person but they are really good at doing certain narrowly defined tasks and can do these tasks a lot better than humans can.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t biased

Bias is part of human nature.  This can come into play in the realm of HR when a hiring manager is brings a personal bias to a hiring decision.  AI prevents this because these programs can crunch out tons of data and find subtle patterns.  The data backs up this decision making rather than a biased decision with no real support.

Artificial intelligence definitely can’t replace a hiring manager, but when it comes to making better decisions and removing personal bias, the ability to sort through countless datasets definitely matters.

Optimizing Hiring

Artificial intelligence itself will probably never do a better job than a human team, but artificial intelligence can CREATE a better human team.  AI can help optimize the hiring process from top to bottom, with things like interview questions and candidate criteria.

AI is already being used by some forward thinking companies across the globe for identifying and retaining talent, and as our technology improves it will surely become ubiquitous in the world of HR.  However, the key point is that AI will never replace HR, but it will definitely enhance it.

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