The Best Methods for SEO Outreach

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Good SEO is tough to achieve; it requires a lot of time and effort and the results aren’t always black and white.  You can’t really measure how much money you make from having a high page rank.  However, you can look at other metrics like how many people are talking about you, sometimes called SEO outreach.  If you want a broader overview of SEO, check out this article, where I go through the three main strategies for SEO.  SEO outreach is one of these three, and is a difficult space to navigate with so much spam and noise going on with social media.

SEO Outreach: First Steps

As I went over in this SEO Overview, SEO outreach is one facet of SEO and all about going off of your website and getting press.  When people link your website on their website, that adds to your page rank, especially if their websites are also highly ranked.  The best ranked sites are .gov and .edu sites.


Your first step for SEO outreach should be identifying prospects that you want to reach out to.  Find blogs or influencers in your space that are relevant to your business.  Find journalists and bloggers who have written articles about your competitors.  Besides simply Google searching, you can use a tool like Moz to find influencers on a specific topic.  You can also find articles related to your business, or use the backlink tool to find out who is writing about your competitors.  All of these methods should net you a list of people to reach out to.


SEO Outreach: Warm your leads up

Cold calls suck.  You hate being on the receiving end, and you hate being the caller even more.  Calling your leads out of the blue probably won’t push any of them to write about you and backlink to your website on their own page.  So how can you warm up your cold leads?


Reach out on social media first.  Follow them on Twitter, re-tweet them, and maybe tweet at them a couple of times.  Tell them you enjoy their content.  Share it on Facebook.  Maybe join a forum they are on and post some useful comments.  You can even try and meet them in person if they are going to be at a conference or event related to your industry.  Ultimately, doing any of these things increases your chances of making a connection.


SEO Outreach:  Closing the deal

After you’ve built a nice business relationship with an influencer, it’s time to close the deal.  Ask them for a feature or mention on their website.  Maybe an inclusion on some sort of list or a review of your product.  Really any sort of content that links back to your website will be positive for your SEO.


The best way to go about asking is to try and offer incentive.  Trade a feature for a feature, or maybe send them your product for free for a review.  Don’t be greedy or rude, because ultimately they are doing you a favor.  Make sure they know you are providing value for you and that you are grateful.  SEO Outreach may seem spam-filled and noisy, but in the end it is all about building relationships.

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