Do your homework on the client’s business


Once you have the basic information on the client and it’s business it is time to get to the job description.

Here is the checklist:

  1. What does my client sell? (What are their products? Is that a commodity? Is it a service? Is it consulting?)
  2. Who do they sell to? (Who are my client’s clients? Businesses? What businesses? Consumers? What kind of consumers?)
  3. How do they sell? (Is it direct sales? Or perhaps via a channel / reseller network? Retail? Is it a franchise? Or do they use some other approach?)
  4. How much money do they make? (What is their revenue? If your client is a large company with multiple locations, what is their revenue at the location where you work with them? What is their Average Selling Price, etc.?)
  5. What is your client’s current economic situation? (Are they growing? Are they restructuring? Layoffs? Did they just change some key people in management? Are they about to merge or get acquired? Are they planning an IPO?)

If you don’t know the answers on some level to these five questions about the client’s business, you are not ready to recruit for this client. Once again: What they sell, Who they sell to, How they sell, for How much and What is the organization’s current status.

You can gather this information about the client’s businessin less than an hour from the Internet.  Do your due diligence. You need ALL of it and the time spent will pay off many times over.


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Do your homework on the client

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