Why Emotional Intelligence Is A Critical Job Skill

In a survey of more than 2,500 hiring managers, 71% stated that emotional intelligence was more important to them than IQ.  So what is emotional intelligence?  The definition of emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware, to control, and to express one’s own emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships.  Why is this so important, even more than IQ or technical ability in the workplace, then?  Here are some reasons why emotional intelligence is so important.

1. Ability to handle pressure

People with higher emotional intelligence have the capacity to perform better in high pressure situations.  They can manage their emotions better and cope better during these situations.

2. Ability to work with others

Having emotional intelligence also means having the ability to work well with others.  Emotionally intelligent people are thoughtful, understanding, and empathetic, and do a good job at building relationships and understanding why people tick.  Having people like this contributes to a good workplace culture.

3. Good listeners

Everyone wants their opinion to be heard but it is also critical to listen to others as well.  Emotionally intelligent people understand this and understand that being a good listener is really important for cohesiveness and teamwork.

4. Open to feedback

Constructive criticism is necessary to improve but it is human nature to dislike negative feedback.  An emotionally intelligent person understands that feedback is not personal and is important for growth and improvement.

5. Make more thoughtful decisions

People with high emotional intelligence are great at making decisions while considering all sides of an argument.  Big decisions often affect many people at a company and it is important to understand who exactly is impacted.  Having the emotional intelligence to are great at understanding and adapting to the opinions of others when making a decision.


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