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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are you a recruiting agency?

The short answer is NO. While much of our deliverables, look similar to what you would receive from an executive search firm or recruiting agency. We are far more effective and much more reasonably priced! Also, the way we go about our process, plus automation, quality assurance and our ability to scale up or down easily is unlike any recruiting agency. 

Is this similar to a job board?

Job boards provide only candidates that are actively looking at that moment. And anyone with a resume can apply to any job they like whether or not they are qualified for the position. LineHire candidates go through a multi-step quality assurance process, ensuring candidates are not only interested but also have required skills, and experience. Candidates submitted on LineHire are generally currently employed, passively looking candidates that are a great fit for your professional positions.

Is LineHire an ATS (applicant tracking system)?

No. While our app has some applicant tracking features to it, it will not substitute for your ATS. Ask us how we can integrate with your ATS when we talk.

Are you a staffing company?

No. While our product does deliver highly qualified job candidates for your job orders, we consider ourselves a technology company and not a recruiting agency or staffing company.

What is a talent marketplace?

A marketplace enabling recruiters to connect with pre-screened and qualified candidates interested in their roles. Recruiters are able to post their job descriptions along with other details to the marketplace. Candidates go through a multi-step quality review including an phone interview with a talent scout prior to being presented. This helps your internal recruiting team become more efficient as they now have new quality source of candidates.

What industries to you specialize in?

We’ve been successful in an number of different industries including:  information technology, life science, government, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, logistics and healthcare.

Are you an RPO?

No. While we do deliver really qualified job candidates for your open job orders, we consider ourselves more of a technology company and not an RPO.

How does it work?

1. Post your job details on our app. 2. Start receiving pre-qualified candidates interested for your job opening in one to three business days. 3. Interview and Hire the top candidate!

What are my benefits in using LineHire Campaigns?

Risk Free

We have a 98% success rate in delivering candidates our clients want to interview.

Less quantity and more quality

Unlike Job Boards, which result in a mountain of applications from active job seekers and very few relevant candidates With LineHire, you get access to those candidates who will probably never see your job ad and they are qualified and interested.


LineHire enables you to fully scale your recruiting function at your company. Whether you are hiring 10 or 1,000 this year, we can fully scale with your hiring needs. Best of all, we partner with your existing recruiters making them several times more efficient in their roles.  Unlike LinkedIn, which lets you find but not necessarily reach a good candidate, LineHire’s Talent Scouts do the first candidate touch point and you receive a matching assessment and candidate’s contact information. Candidates are pre-qualified by Talent Scouts according to your specs and are interested in starting the interview process.

Speed and efficiency

Hiring campaigns typically run for 30 days. At that time if you want to extend the campaign, you may. However, typically, the hiring manager has interviewed and has already extended a job offer by the time most of our hiring campaigns end.