How To Hire Software Developers

Software developers are one of the most in demand jobs in 2016 as businesses revolve more and more around apps and websites. Having a strong online and social media presence is crucial for a successful businesses, and a lot of this requires technical skills. However, hiring software developers can be difficult if your HR or recruiting team doesn’t have any technical expertise.

Assess Technical Aptitude

This is a big problem for many companies hiring technical roles.  When a recruiter doesn’t have any technical expertise, they may take resumes and cover letters and face value without proper vetting. Make sure your recruiters put candidates through aptitude assessments and understand the skillsets needed for the role.

Create a Culture that Embraces Remote Hires

In 2016, recruiting is no longer limited by location.  The talent pool is so much larger and this opens the door for remote hiring.  However, technology makes it possible for us to be connected even if we aren’t in the same place.  Recruiting in other locations will allow you to find the best possible talent, as long as your employees understand that hiring remotely can be beneficial.

Look for Talent in New Places

Up and coming IT markets are good places to look for software developers.  In some countries in Africa, for example, there is a growing IT market but not a lot of demand for software developers.  Places like this where the talent pool is looking for opportunities can be good places to start, rather than searching in already established markets.

Don’t Ignore Inexperience

It’s always great to hire someone with a proven track record and many years of experience.  However, this may not always be possible and you can’t overlook the possibility of hiring someone fresh out of college.  Aptitude and potential can go a long way with the right amount of mentorship, and this could even be more valuable than hiring an experienced candidate at a higher salary.

Sell Your Company

Once you find credible talent, your work is not over.  You have to make sure you sell your company to the candidate, and this isn’t always easy in the competitive IT markets.  To do this go beyond just salary and benefits, highlight how your company’s culture and mission is a good fit with the candidate.

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