How HR Can Improve Staff Communications via SMS


Staff Communications

Many Human Resources departments are currently struggling to find effective ways to communicate

and share information with their employees. Phone calls aren’t time efficient and are intrusive for staff communications, and emails simply aren’t as effective as they used to be. In order to share information efficiently, a new solution is necessary. As many companies look to rebuild their HR employee communication strategy from the ground-up, they’re starting to turn to text messaging.


Using the right text marketing platform as a way to communicate with your employees is the perfect

way to jumpstart your efforts to improve communications. Here are five ways that SMS text

messaging can help you revolutionize the way you share information:


1. Sending Important Reminders

As HR, you’ll often have to hold important meetings with your employees. Whether it’s a company-

wide update on policies, an open enrollment session for annual health benefits or a one-on- one

performance review, it’s important that your employees remember to show up on time. You can

create text message reminders to employees a couple days before the meeting and then again an

hour or so before the meeting to make sure they attend.


2. Providing Vital Information

There are certain circumstances when you absolutely need to reach employees with critical time-

sensitive information. For example, the office could be closed due to inclement weather, or there

could be an imminent recall that everybody must prepare to deal with. Whatever the case might be,

it’s vital that you reach your employees quickly and effectively.

Because text messages are opened 99% of the time on average, you can rest assured that your

employees will receive the information. Best of all, an amazing 98% of all SMS text messages will be

read by your employee in three minutes or less. When time is an issue, text messaging is your only



3. Giving a Quick Morale Boost

A great way to keep employees engaged and connected with your company is by reaching out to

them once each day or week with a quick motivation quote, daily musing, or piece of advice. Since

text messages are inexpensive, quick, and can be automated easily, you’ll have no problem reaching

out to your employees each day to bring a quick smile to their face.


4. Handling One-Off Questions

You can create short codes to provide employees information to quick answers that you spend too

much time fielding. For example, employees could text PAYDAY in order to see what day they’re

being paid. HOLIDAYS could send them a list of company-approved holidays. You could even have

them text PTO to see the number of vacation days that they have left.


5. Distributing Surveys

Constant employee feedback lets your department know where your company is succeeding and

where they’re falling short. Sending quick surveys via SMS will generate a high response rate and let

you keep results in real-time. With SMS, you’ll always have the chance to gauge morale or seek input

from the entire company in five minutes or less.


Have you been able to successfully integrate SMS text messaging with your HR communications

strategy? Do you have any advice or questions? Make sure to let us know with a comment below!


Guest Author Bio for Ken Rhie

Ken is the CEO of Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass SMS messaging,

smart targeting and automation.


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