Industry Research


Finally we are at the step where all the fun begins with research.

You know your client’s business, understand the reason for the job opening and understand what this job is all about. Time to get candidates! Em…. where from, exactly?

Now, if you are an experienced recruiter you might be laughing at this question. But for a very new recruiter the vastness of Internet resources represents not an opportunity, but an intimidating ocean of too many islands. It is totally not clear which one of these islands holds the best candidate for the job. Monster? LinkedIn? Indeed? Craigslist? HotJobs?

My answer – NONE of them. At this point. We will get to them later.

Candidate identification starts with Industry Research. You already know quite a bit about it, since you researched on your client. You know their business. If you know about their business – you know about their competition.

Sometimes it is easy to identify competition, sometimes you will be surprised who your client may compete with. At one time, Nokia was competing with… Pirelli, Michelin and Goodyear. That’s right – tire companies. Nokia used to sell tires, even though by then they have already been a Telecom giant. Until I became a recruiter – I had no idea.

Your industry research should result in 5-10 top competing companies. By saying ‘top’ I don’t mean you should just go the poshest of all (you may though, but you may waste your time). By ‘top’ I mean best POSSIBLE resource of candidates among the closest competition. If your client is a young no name (yet) startup that builds (yet another) social network, you are unlikely to get them a superstar candidate from Facebook. Unless they offer (list of the impossible to match perks, topped with impossible to match stock option plan).


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