Infographic: What Does A Qualified Candidate Really Look Like




Human resources departments or hiring managers often receive hundreds if not thousands of applications or resumes for every position they have posted. Applicants that don’t have the necessary or needed skills to execute the job as described in the job listing swiftly find their way to the spherical file. When faced with a number of equally qualified applicants, employers normally look for possession of particular traits.

All employers have had an experience with both bad and good employees. Consequently, every employer has an idea of what a qualified candidate really looks like. Employers know what they want more of or less of.

There is more to a qualified candidate that just communication and intelligence skills. Here are the traits that define a qualified candidate:


Comfortable Confidence

Qualified candidates are highly comfortable with themselves. They know exactly what they want and who they are. They exude confidence but are never cocky. These individuals are engaging, friendly and quite a pleasure to be around.



Most if not all jobs change and evolve day by day. A qualified candidate fully understands this. Such professionals are always willing and able to change when the job demands so. This means that such individuals can spend certain days on their desk and others in the field and remain equally productive in both environments.


Willingness to Listen and Learn

Obviously, recruiting agents or employers look for professionals with the necessary skills to a certain job. Nevertheless, as much as someone has the skills, he or she must be willing to listen and learn. There is always something to learn at work. Qualified candidates are not know-it-alls. They are humble to the core.



Babies do not need to apply. A qualified candidate does not require handholding or being constantly praised in order to feel appreciated. Instead, qualified candidates look for ways to motivate themselves, figure out exactly what needs to be done and actually do it. From time to time, a pat on the back will not cause any harm. In fact, it is highly welcomed. Nonetheless, it should not be necessary for you to perform your job exceptionally.

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