LineHire Cofounder Chuck Solomon on Interview Mistakes

interview mistakes

Chuck Solomon is the co-founder of LineHire, a software firm that helps companies with finding and hiring top talent. Along with nine other hiring experts, he shares his thoughts on common interview mistakes hiring managers make during the hiring process in item 5. Lack of authenticity —“The biggest mistake made by some hiring managers is not being authentic in the interviewing process. That is they should be authentic and accurate in describing both the pluses and minuses of working at their company and working within their particular team. All too often I have heard from candidates after starting a new role, that the ‘rosy’ picture a hiring manager had painted during interviews turned out to be rather ‘gray’.”

Here is the list of 10 important things, hiring managers should avoid.  Read full article in FairyGodBoss, Dear Hiring Managers: These 10 Behaviors Are Scaring Your Interviewees Off.

1. Lack of preparation

2. Being “judgy”

3. Zero strategic insight

4. Playing games

5. Lack of authenticity 

6. Too much talking

7. Compensation interrogation

8. Inconsistency

9. Long and unclear process

10. Lack of Communication 



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