Job Board Quality Is Slipping

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The majority of midsize businesses go on job boards to find potential candidates, but when asked the answer for the best sourcing medium was employee referrals.  Despite the trend towards social recruiting methods and job board websites like Indeed and Monster, the sourcing medium that produces the best quality candidates still lies with traditional recruiting methods.

What is the problem with job boards?  Well, 40% of midsize businesses say the biggest challenge is the lack of quality candidates.  Even then, a third of these businesses devote an average of 31% of their recruiting budget to job board recruitment.  That is a significant amount of the budget allocated to a sourcing method that statistically is not bringing in quality candidates.

The issue lies with the talent pool; there is a massive pool of candidates and that makes finding the one that best fits your company is a tall task.

Tips on Optimizing Job Board Usage

-Audit the job boards you use.  If it is a niche market, make sure it matches the position you are hiring for.  Even with free and low-cost vendors, you shouldn’t be wasting time and manpower and candidates who won’t even fit your company anyway.

-Research potential job board vendors you could add, especially if you are in a niche market and need a unique skillset.  Analytics should also drive your search.
-Assess the job ads you are putting up on these job boards.  Make sure your message is compelling and effective but also gets across your company’s brand and culture.

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