Job Description Due Dilligence

job description

We hope that when you read a job description, you actually understand this job. But sometimes we undertake assignments in the industries and for the roles that are totally new to us and there is always that one job that you have very little understanding of. There is first time for everything.

  • Understand the job!

When I needed to understand a job, my best sources were always… candidates. Speak to the closest matching candidate for that role and ask him all the questions. Be straightforward to them. There is no shame in admitting that this is a new role for you to recruit for, and that you need clarification or explanation. People LOVE to talk about their work.

Naturally, Google knows everything, but there are things in the conversation that may be invaluable for you. Industry insights. Unofficial information. Gossip, after all. This all is important, especially if you are approaching the industry or roles which you plan to recruit for in the future.

  • Apply common sense. Make sure that the candidates for this role actually exist. 

There is a reason why this client is eager to pay sizable amount of money to get the job filled. If it was an easy thing to do – they would have already filled it themselves. Although they may not have anyone to do this job internally. Your job is to know that. Is that the reason? Because there may be another reason why the job is not filled yet – imbalanced requirements! Inconsistency in the salary level vs. qualification. Rare skills or impossible combination of skills. Check this! Behind the very standard job description could be a hiring manager with very unorthodox approach to interview. Do they ask ‘weird questions’ in interviews and scare away strong candidates?

Here at LineHire we do this due diligence for our Talent Scouts and gladly share all the knowledge we manage to gather from our clients. We are constantly collecting feedback from Talent Scouts as well and addressing to our clients all of their concerns.


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