LineHire Accepted Into NC IDEA Entrepreneurial Program


Great news! LineHire was recently accepted into the NC IDEA LABS Lite program (see

We are thrilled to be part of the Fall 2017 cohort of companies and looking forward to being an active participant in the program.

As part of this entrepreneurial program, we need to conduct 50 customer discovery interviews. If you are a B2B business and interested in helping us out. We’d love to schedule a 15-minute interview.  Please contact us if interested.


From NC IDEA site:

NC IDEA is a private foundation with a mission to maximize the economic potential of the people of North Carolina by supporting the formation and fruition of high-growth entrepreneurial endeavors in the state. 

NC IDEA LABS Lite is a condensed version of our regular NC IDEA LABS program. Just like business schools offer a “weekend MBA” for those working full-time, this program targets (but is not limited to) candidates with these two characteristics:​

  • An early stage idea that requires additional refinement and insight before fully committing to it
  • Folks who have a full-time job and cannot participate in our full-time NC IDEA LABS program

The objective is to help participants in eight weeks decide if their idea is solid enough so that they can quit their day job to pursue it, or figure out that it is not viable and fail fast. NC IDEA LABS Lite meets every other week for eight weeks and focuses on:

  • Customer Discovery – identifying the potential customer’s problem and solution, and determining how big a pain point exists, creating an effective MVP and interviewing potential customers – attendees will be required to interview 5 potential customers per week
  • Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas
  • Fundraising and Pitching – Fundraising strategy, delivering an effective pitch, where to find seed stage funding
  • Other topics of interest to first time founders, such as metrics and dividing founder’s shares

To get the most out of the program, attendees must plan on devoting at least 10 hours per week outside of the sessions to their startup. This time will primarily be spent interviewing potential customers, creating a business model canvas and viewing video tutorials.


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