Make your lists


Make a list of companies

Make the lists of companies that have similar size, similar structure and similar revenue. May be a bit bigger and a bit chunkier. Maybe even VERY big, but someone who is about to go through layoffs (which you learned when spoke to that candidate who helped you to get your head around the job requirements)

You may end up with just 3 companies. This is good enough.This is a great start.

Make the list of job titles

Nowadays companies are creative with job titles. HR Directors became  People Officers, Customer Support became ‘Customer Success’ and a Inbound Marketing Lead turned into a Lead Gen Ninja.

Research your 3 companies and identify the titles that are the closest to your job order. You may need to speak to a few ‘wrong’ candidates for that. But you must research that. You don’t want to waste your time and approach those Ninjas, if they have a managerial level job and your vacancy does not imply direct reports.

Or let’s say your vacancy is of managerial level. Your client may consider someone less senior, but from a bigger company. Sometimes a candidate is ready to move on to a more senior role, but doesn’t have the option in their current company. So this could be a good motivator to consider a more senior job somewhere else.

Once you have the list of job titles, the rest is easy. Fill in the blanks with the quick research in LinkedIn and a few investigative calls to some people that you may know in the company. Or you can employ and ‘old school’ approach and just call a reception desk and ask something like this: Hi, I am so sorry, would you happen to know who is in charge of your [job responsibility]. What did you say? Jane Doe? Thats right, Jane! Thanks so much. You just saved me. What’s her email? However I seriously doubt this would be needed. People nowadays do not hide behind the rows of assistants and are easily reachable.


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