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We’re having a big week at BountyMiner! Many new bounties available, with opportunities from many industries and different parts of the US.Our awesome Connectors are sending a good flow of candidates to our
recruiters. Please check out check out our listings to see who you can refer.  

Available Bounties:

Please head over to our website to see all our listings.  If you are hiring, please contact us to get your positions highlighted in our next update.  In case you missed this great article on Creating a Culture of Healthy Competition, we share it with you below.

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Chuck, Nina, & Phil

How to Create a Culture of Healthy Competition by Douglas Freeman

When I hire, I look for people who are goal-oriented, previously
successful, well-prepared, and competitive. I aim to create a winning
and hard-charging culture in a sales organization, and these types of
people tend to perform best in this type of environment.

But, competitiveness can also hinder your culture if it becomes
toxic—think undermining, backstabbing, and a “me first” mentality. So,
what are some things you can do to ensure your team operates in a
competitive—but still healthy—environment?

As a sales leader for companies large and small, here are four pillars that I’ve found successful. Read the full article here.


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