LineHire Accepted To Entrepreneurship Success Initiative Sponsored by MIT and Rice


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LineHire is happy to announce that it has been accepted into the Entrepreneurship Success Initiative (ESI) sponsored by MIT and Rice University.

The Entrepreneurship Success Initiative is a research-based program trying to discover the primary reasons behind entrepreneurial success. The fundamental questions they’re trying to answer include:

  • What factors and choices help entrepreneurs succeed?
  • How can we enhance the chances of entrepreneurial success?
  • How can you, as an entrepreneur, help to improve these chances?

Learn more about Entrepreneurship Success Initiative.

ABOUT LineHire’s Talent Marketplace:

LineHire is a talent marketplace (not a recruiting agency) enabling employers to source those high-demand candidates for hard-to-fill roles.

  • Saves Time – hire and onboard in weeks vs. months.
  • Reduces Cost – pay for talent in low fixed cost vs. high variable cost.
  • Improves Efficiency – gain a short-list of qualified and interested job candidates.

LineHire is a #TalentMarketplace enabling employers to connect with better candidates, faster!  

Employers, learn more and create a FREE account.




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