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Recruiting Startup

LineHire is happy to announce we have been nominated for the recruiting Startup of the Year award. We need your help by voting for us!

Initial selection by popular vote and are tallied by social shares on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Startups who win the popular vote pitch to 1000 prospects: Adidas, VISA, IKEA and more. Those winning the pitch are seen by a judging panel of investors, C-suite, & analysts. The winner Gets $10,000 in sponsorship and press!

Thanks for your help in voting for us!

We are super thankful for Derick and Thani at StartupRunner for nominating us!

Nomination criteria included startup companies that are solving problems related to helping companies solve the problems associated with recruiting and hiring staff.

About LineHire:

Hiring is a time-consuming process for companies of all sizes. On average, US companies spend approximately 42 days hiring a new employee – up from an average of 11 days a decade ago. The most time-consuming part of hiring is attracting qualified candidates to interview and this is precisely the value LineHire delivers. LineHire clients are hiring 2x faster than industry average at just 21 days and at less than half the cost.

LineHire is a software as a service (SaaS) that delivers employers a short-list of interview-ready job candidates. Our product gathers job details from clients, locates candidates meeting given criteria, checks references, and phone screens (utilizing an on-demand workforce of recruiting professionals)

to create short lists of relevant candidates our clients can immediately begin interviewing. Our deliverables include: resume, contact info, salary requirements, matching assessment, and reference report for each candidate all delivered within our web app.

We’re building the worlds largest recruitment company that employs no recruiters.


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