Our beta is live!

Confidential candidate referral platform

We are happy to announce the beta launch of BountyMiner.com.  Now you are probably wondering if this will help you shed the extra pounds from the holidays or deal with returning unwanted gifts. Sorry, it won’t help with either!  However, read further and I’ll explain what BountyMiner is all about.

Do you have great Contacts?  With BountyMiner anyone who knows a great candidate can submit the candidate confidentially (to the candidate and hiring company) and will be paid a bounty between $1,000 and $5,000 when the candidate is hired. Sign-up now with just your email to start making Connections.

Are you a Recruiter?  With BountyMiner job postings are always FREE. While posting your opening, you will enter a bounty amount to be paid upon successful hire. Sign-up now to start posting your open jobs.

Questions?  Please Email Us!

Kind regards!
Chuck, Nina, & Phil


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