Post placement follow-up

contingency recruiting

Whether you are working on retainer or on contingency recruiting, paid in full upon candidate’s start date or after the ‘guarantee period’ you should not consider the position closed until this period is over. Prepare a few back up candidates, but don’t talk to them just yet.

Other than that it is more of  the same: stay in touch with the placed candidates and call them a few times.

1. First you call the week the candidate started – to congratulate (and to check if your candidate has indeed started), a month through, and then closer to the end of the guarantee period. Let your candidate talk.

2. And most importantly –  call your client. Take their feedback and their point of view on the success of this placement. It’s also an opportunity to see if there are additional retained search or contingency recruiting opportunities.

Again – don’t leave your candidate alone. The first few months at the new job are tough for everybody. Your candidate can get ‘homesick’. He or she may even get poached by their ex-employer and all of the sudden that boring ex-job will look soooo attractive!

The honeymoon is over for both your employer and your candidate, and the roughness of everyday routines may come surprising for both sides. You should be there for that, as informed as possible, you should be all ears and ready to help. With advice, attention and possibly… more candidates.

As one of my colleagues once said, “a recruiter’s job demands the bursting energy of a sprinter and a stamina of a marathon runner”. Which is often an impossible combination.

Here at LineHire we want to make recruiters’ lives easier and have them focus on candidate side and research excellence. That is our goal.

We hope you enjoyed our Recruiting Academy and it helps in your development as a talent acquisition professional!


Recruiting Academy Chapters:

Welcome to LineHire’s Recruiting Academy

Intro: A note about recruiting challenges

Recruiting Strategies:  Less is more

Do your homework on the client

Do your homework on the job order

Job descriptions

Industry research

Make a list

Approaching candidates

Candidate presentation

Candidate journey

Job offers

Job placement follow-up

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