Recruiting Strategies: Less is More

Recruiting Strategies

A recruitment ‘rule of thumb’ says that if you start with 100 potential candidates you will get 10 of them interviewed and one of them will eventually be hired. Numbers can vary from industry to industry and from market to market, but in general this holds true.

Why speak to a 100 people when you can speak with 10 and achieve the same result?

The truth is, the ‘spray and pray’ approach is harmful.  Sending a client 50+ resumes will usually get you nowhere (I am confident though that no one nowadays actually sends in that many resumes). For the simple reason, no one wants to read 100 resumes for one position. But, let’s say you did send 60 resumes. The chances are NONE of them will be read at all, and the client may start avoiding communications with you. Moreover, even 20 is too many. However if you send, say seven people to choose from, now ALL of them will be looked through. It is even better if there are just five.

The question then is how to make sure you select the best five to seven candidates. How do you make sure not to miss someone who would be interesting for your client – How do you make sure your ‘less’ is indeed ‘more’?

This is a very important question and is the cornerstone of a successful career in recruitment.


The quality of candidate identification makes or breaks a placement. The art and precision of candidate identification starts with a very good understanding of your client’s business and the particular role of the person being sought.

Sometimes that is easier said than done.

So way, WAY before you start looking at candidates you need to get as clear a picture as possible on who your client is. Assuming that your client is a for profit organization, a business, the first question you need to be able to answer is how they make money. The chapters below describe step by step how to get yourself best prepared.


Recruiting Academy Chapters:

Welcome to LineHire’s Recruiting Academy

Intro: A note about recruiting challenges

Recruiting Strategies:  Less is more

Do your homework on the client

Do your homework on the job order

Job descriptions

Industry research

Make a list

Approaching candidates

Candidate presentation

Candidate journey

Job offers

Job placement follow-up

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