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SalesBoss is a hand-curated list of top senior level sales job opportunities (CSO, CRO, SVP, VP Sales etc.) across the US.

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The jobs: 

VP of Inside Sales at Bank of America in Tampa, FL

VP of Sales at Morgan Stanley in New York, NY

VP of Sales at Harri in New York, NY

VP of Sales at IVY in New York, NY

Director of Sales Development at Paycor in Cincinnati, OH

VP of Sales at PayStand in Santa Cruz, CA

VP of Sales at Valimail in San Francisco, CA

VP of Sales at in San Francisco, CA

Senior Account Executive with enterprise SaaS startup in San Francisco, CA

Director of Sales at LogDNA in Moutaniview, CA

VP of Demand Generation at Sageworks in Raleigh, NC

Sales Operations Manager at Adwerx in Durham, NC

Director of Sales at Avalara in Seattle, WA

VP of Sales at Vertiv in Denver, CO

Curated by Nina Merklina and Chuck Solomon in Chapel Hill, NC

Is your company hiring or do you know of a great senior level sales opportunity?  Send it to and we’ll consider it for inclusion in next week’s list. Please forward this post to those in your network seeking their next sales job and share on your social media.

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SalesBoss Weekly Job Insights: February 16, 2018


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