The Shift Towards Social Recruitment

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For most midsize businesses, the biggest trend in recruiting has been social recruiting.  According to a 2015 Recruiter Nation survey, 50% of companies said they plan to invest more in social media for recruiting.  The recruiting landscape is changing drastically and now it is imperative for companies to have an online presence, especially during recruiting.  Social recruiting has also provided a great low cost method of finding new candidates, however it is difficult for many midsize businesses to juggle the vast array of options and optimize their recruiting strategies.

In order to keep up with the shift towards social recruiting, midsize companies need to develop and maintain their employer brand early on, and take advantage of the opportunities provided by social recruiting.

Tips to Optimize Social Recruiting

1. Don’t forget traditional recruiting.  Social recruiting is great, but it is merely a tool to enhance and reinforce the larger and more effective sourcing channels.  You can’t rely on social media as your only strategy, but it can be another way to find potential candidates and steer them towards your traditional recruiting channels.

2. Make sure your employer brand is consistent across all recruiting channels.  Social media is a powerful tool but make sure you are accurate and consistent with the message you send over traditional recruiting methods.

3. Analyze the parts of your recruiting strategy that is most effective and successful in attracting talent, and maintain that with your other recruiting efforts like job ads and social media posts.

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