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The modern days abundance of amazingly powerful (and complicated) HR related software solutions makes an HR manager really wonder – do they need all of this complexity? Applicant Tracking Systems of all shapes and sizes, Career Pages, Talent Acquisition strategies – they all primarily focus on the internal processes and what happens AFTER you’ve got that applicant to track and the talent to acquire.

But what about sourcing? Where do the candidates come from? It is still the same good old sources, regardless of how big and advanced your internal recruiting team is.  Their sources are: Internal Career Pages – and this is if you happen to have quality traffic there, job boards/social networks and … agencies. Nothing has really changed.

Why is that today, when we use apps in the cloud and can have ANY information at our fingertips in the matter of seconds – why is that we can’t close seemingly ordinary vacancies for so long? Why is the relevant data on candidates is so hard to get or why is is so expensive? And even when we have this data out there in the open – it has become increasingly difficult to reach and get response from the candidates we’ve already found. You can find, but you can’t reach.

It is almost like a backlash – the abundance of information, results in its low quality, and the ease of communication results in users’ protective layers designed with one purpose only – to NOT being easily reached. Kind of counterintuitive and counterproductive, but true – we don’t want to be bugged with something not interesting to us, but we do want to be found just in case something will be interesting to us after all. Come get me if you can.

So here at LineHire we tackle several problems. We focus on simplicity and core value – bringing you a relevant candidate, who is ready to talk to you – on demand. There is no processes to learn, no software to install, no hidden costs and no long term commitment. Whether you have dozens on internal recruiters or just one overworked HR Generalist who is in charge of all of your HR processes- LineHire is an efficient source of candidates that come from the amazing source of candidate’s data – professional recruiters nationwide.

Think about it. There are over a million professional recruiters in US alone – I bet you this crowd has the most comprehensive knowledge of candidates if combined. And this is what we are after! We give you an opportunity to shop in their enormous database. What’s in there for them? Simple.  One recruiter will never be able to place every single candidate they have in their rolodex, so they are happy to assist you if they can and make some money along the way.

We created a platform where you can reach an army of select Talent Scouts and present them with your current hiring need. And in the matter of a few weeks get results.

HR Manager

So LineHire can help you if:

You have a great internal talent acquisition team, yet sometimes there is an overabundance of job reqs to fill or hard or find roles and have to resort to third-party recruitment agencies to fill these roles.

You  are a small Human Resources team and are busy with comp, benefits, training etc. and could just use a boost on the talent acquisition front.  

Does one of these cases sound like you?

While we provide a free platform that offers very basic Applicant Tracking features, the real value that we deliver to you in our product is access to our network.  We have built a small army of Talent Scouts (independent recruiting professionals) numbering in hundreds, that are US-based, and have been vetted and approved to be on our platform.  

Have a current hiring need?  Access our network of Talent Scouts via a Hiring Campaign. We’ll set it up for you and you’ll start receiving pre-screened candidates direct to your in-box at a fraction of what you typically pay for a recruitment agency.

Time to try something new!


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