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Talent Acquisition

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At LineHire we provide our web-based recruiting software free to our users (corporate talent acquisition folks mostly). There isn’t a credit card required nor free trial period that expires after a limited time period, we’ll never charge for this software. And best of all … we won’t ask to take up your time with a product demo! This software is pretty straight forward, and it’ll take you a grand total of 2-minutes to figure it out. See for yourself and create your free account.

If you have team of 10 (or 20 or 50+) internal corporate recruiters, they can all register at no-cost and access the software as well.

So while we provide our software technology at no cost to our users, we do charge for the most valuable part of our product which is access to our network (more about our network below). You will find our fees far more budget-friendly than using either a recruitment agency or an RPO (see our pricing). If you are thinking about or already using recruitment agencies or an RPO, then you should definitely explore our product.

Now you are asking…How does this product help me?

Our product helps in few primary use case situations:

A. You need to fill multiple openings for the same role and don’t want to expand your recruiting staff.


B. You are having a difficult time finding enough qualified candidates and are about to engage an outside recruiting agency.


C. You are a small Human Resources team and are busy with comp, benefits, training etc. and could just use a boost on the talent acquisition front.

Does one of these cases sound like you? Create your free account to get started.

Talent Acquisition Network

While we provide a free software that offers some basic ATS (applicant tracking system) features and much more, as mentioned previously, the real value that we deliver to you in our product is access to our network. We have recruited and screened a small army of Talent Scouts (independent recruiting professionals) numbering several hundred, that are US-based, and have been vetted and approved to be on our platform. When you launch a hiring campaign within our app, these Talent Scouts pre-screen and submit interested candidates for your roles in a matter of days.

Have a current hiring need? Access our network of Talent Scout via a Hiring Campaign. We’ll set it up for you and you’ll start receiving pre-screened candidates direct to your in-box at a fraction of what you typically pay for a recruitment agency.


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