Welcome to the LineHire Recruiter Academy

recruiting academy

Hello and welcome to the Recruiting Academy!

My name is Nina Merklina, I am Co-Founder of LineHire and the creator of LineHire’s Recruiting Academy.

I’ve prepared a series of lessons incorporating the most important findings I’ve learned through nearly 20 years as a professional recruiter into this recruiting academy. These lessons target recruiters near the beginning of their journey. If you have a lot of experience, you will know a lot of this, but will perhaps pick up a few new recruiting strategies. If you are an in-house corporate recruiter or a line manager in need of candidates for your organization, you’ll want to skip straight to the recruiting solutions found in the Candidate Identification and Approaching Candidates lessons.

The areas we will cover are:

  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Candidate Identification
  • Approaching Candidates
  • The Candidate Journey and Your Support
  • Offer Management and Negotiation
  • Placement Follow-up

Along the way I’ll explain how we handle things a bit differently on the LineHire platform.

The Recruiting Academy is broken into 12 chapters and includes:

Welcome to LineHire’s Recruiting Academy

Intro: A note about recruiting challenges

Recruiting Strategies:  Less is more

Do your homework on the client

Do your homework on the job order

Job descriptions

Industry research

Make a list

Approaching candidates

Candidate presentation

Candidate journey

Job offers

Job placement follow-up

Happy Recruiting!



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