Where to Find Engineering Jobs in the US

Engineering jobs have long been an area with consistent career opportunities with strong job security.  However, unlike some other jobs, geography can be a big factor in where to find engineering jobs.  That being said, this article will provide a rough idea of where these engineering jobs are concentrated.

Defense, Aerospace, and Tech in the West

Engineering jobs are always available in defense, aerospace, and high tech companies, and many of these are on the Western half of the country, in California, the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Arizona.  Silicon Valley in California and Boeing in Seattle are two examples of the great opportunities out West.

Hot spots for Energy Jobs

Demand for energy engineers is always high with the country moving towards more sustainable energy sources.  Chemical and petroleum engineers are focused in California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and North Dakota.  Renewable energy like solar and wind are also growing rapidly in places like Colorado, California, and Arizona.  Electricity engineers have always been in demand and can find jobs in big cities around the country.

Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineers are important for mitigating negative environmental impact.  A lot of environmental engineers get jobs in California, Seattle, and in the Northeast, especially Maine.  

Bio, Mechanical, and Engineering

Bioengineering jobs are big in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Texas, Greater Boston, and the Research Triangle in North Carolina.  Mechanical and industrial engineering jobs have recently moved to the South where a lot of manufacturing has migrated.

Civil and Electrical Engineers are Needed Everywhere

Civil engineers are needed to fix old infrastructure, and this need is present across the map.  The same goes for electrical engineers.  As time goes on and our current infrastructure needs updating, there will always be a demand in most cities for these engineers.

Don’t Overlook the Biggest Engineering Employer: The Government

The largest employer, the government, is often overlooked by engineers.  However, government engineering jobs provide good job stability, upward mobility, and good compensation and benefits.  According to a recent census, the government employs about 12% of the country’s engineers.

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