Why You Should Choose LineHire Over Recruiting Agencies


Are you tired of paying between 15-25% for recruiting agency contingency fees?

Not sure if a big upfront payment for an “expert” recruiter is worth it?

Yet you still need to fill positions and your in-house recruiters are swamped. It may be time to consider a new option. LineHire is a new style of recruiting platform that differs significantly from recruiting agencies by reducing your costs by as much as 80% over these traditional agencies and gives you qualified and ready to hire candidates. Let us introduce you to a new way to leverage talent scouts.

Traditional Recruiting Agency

Most companies prefer to do the task of hiring internally, letting their own HR staff find candidates because they best know your company. For most hires this is definitely the best course of action. However, as every company knows and most HR staff understands is that you cannot always fill every position through internal recruiting management techniques. At some point, your own recruiting talent pool is either not deep enough, you have run out of qualified candidates or the candidates you have are not well-suited to the job for hire. Also, an exodus of staff could mean your internal recruiters are overwhelmed. This is the time that most companies turn to a recruiting agency.

Recruiting agencies work on two models. Either you retain the agency with a hefty upfront fee or you hire them on contingency. In both cases you will be paying a fee equal to 15-33% of the salary of the employee for their first year. In the first model, you pay for exclusive, high-end delivery, and the agency commits to deliver suitable candidates. Contingency model commits to searching for candidates and if found, then a fee is due. According the 2015 Direct Hire Agency Benchmark Report the average for a retained fee is $22,113, a 6.3% increase over 2013 and 21.2% for contingency fees.

Unfortunately, you end up paying a high fee in the first example and only get access to one expert recruiter’s resources and in the second with multiple agencies on contingency you get a larger pool of resources but a more passive recruiting tool. There is a better option.

Current Hiring Trends

The marketplace for hiring has become like the Wild West with over 52% of companies complaining that they have difficulty filling positions because of a talent shortage. This leads to a number of practices that are suspect that you should be aware of and avoid at all costs.

Settling for Less

There are a number of sources citing that the talent pool is just fine, yet because apprenticeships, management training programs and extended on-the-job training has declined in American companies, you should settle for someone that is not qualified but can be taught.

This “settling for less” mentality essentially lays out the argument of the catch 22 scenario, you want to hire someone qualified with on the job experience but not willing to hire someone with the right education without experience. This can be seen as a true issue, if you settle for less.

However, with the right talent scouting, company branding and an easy to use solution you do not and should not have to settle for second best. Instead of paying for training and developing talent over the course of 2-3 years, many companies are more willing to have a competent and capable employee step into the position and start being productive almost immediately.

Attraction through Amenities

One of the largest issues many companies face from candidates is “what can you offer me?” This has spilled over from the large dot com era when companies could offer amazing amenities such as on-site childcare, massages, subsidized cafeterias and more. If you are a small or medium enterprise, these may be hard to compete with on a one to one basis. Yet there are candidates that do not want to work for a large multinational faceless corporation.

In order to compete in this space, you simply need to create a positive work environment, one focused on collaboration. One of the largest trends in office design and space is breaking down hierarchies and walls (literally) to encourage more teamwork and collaboration. Sixty percent of employees do not even use their assigned spaces and working from home and teleworking are trends on the rise. If you build a positive work environment with a positive company brand and flexible environment, getting the right candidate is made even more possible through LineHire’s unique talent scouting platform.

LineHire: Best of Both Worlds

LineHire is not a recruiting agency; instead it is a technology platform with hands on human expertise to connect companies with a larger network of expert recruiters for a much lower 2-4% cost.

Traditional Agencies

When you think of hiring a recruiting agency, even that process tends to slow down the hiring process and you may still need to conduct the process multiple times in a few year. If you hire a recruitment agency, you truly do not know its quality until you get results from them. Recruitment agencies also tend to focus on specific industries or job types ensuring they provide a niche service. For small and medium enterprises, this means less competition locally as you try to find an agency that can service your needs. In your area there may only be 1 or 2 industry specific agencies and then 1-2 broader agencies. The niche agencies tend to have higher prices and less competition, while the second broader agency may not be able to fill your voids.

The LineHire Difference

With LineHire, we take that process and turn it on its head. Instead of you searching for recruitment agencies and then they search for a candidate in their limited pools, we do leg work for you. Our networks of recruiters and talent scouts span the nation across every industry ensuring that when a job is posted to LineHire you get candidates from multiple recruiters in multiple locations that have already vetted the candidates before they are even presented to you.

LineHire’s platform encourages talent scouts to continuously scout talent where it is currently developing just like a local recruitment agency. The main difference is that these scouts are all connected through the LineHire portal making it easy for you to get the most qualified candidates, no matter where they are. These candidates will already be screened by LineHire scouts to ensure they fit your profile for the job and that they are willing to relocate if necessary.

You can use LineHire and receive multiple pre-screened candidates from multiple recruiters that are all vying to submit candidate profiles. LineHire’s expert hands-on talent scouts help vet the candidates and ensure they meet your specified job description and desired qualifications.

When you switch to LineHire, you will notice an immediate pressure lifted from your HR recruitment team. They will be better able to fulfill their duties concerning internal promotions and building even better internal recruitment pools, while relying on LineHire to fill in the 10-20% gaps where you need external help. This is all possible for 2-4% of the new employee’s salary instead of the typical 15-25%. It is possible through the power of economies of scale.

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” Steve Wynn


Learn More about LineHire’s approach to helping companies hire the best talent via our unique part-human, part technology platform.




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