Work-Life Balance Without Looking Lazy‏

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The Secret to Having a Life Outside the Office (Without Looking Lazy) by Melody Wilding

In today’s always-on workplace, where being busy is a badge of honor and
around-the-clock availability has become the norm, employees who seek a
healthy work-life balance can get a bad rap.

Those who try to find the balance between personal quality of life and
career success are sometimes accused of seeming lazy and uncommitted.
There’s an assumption that people who want balance are skirting
responsibility, while in most cases, they’re really just trying to
engineer a workday that promotes long-term productivity and keeps their
motivation and focus high.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many of us fail to speak up when we’re
feeling burned out or want more flexibility in our day-to-day; we fear
being labeled the office slacker.

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